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When expeditious shipping is required, nothing beats air freight. With thousands of flights daily and thousands of airports worldwide, air freight offers unbeatable accessibility and speed.We accept palletized and loose shipments.

Glo Equation Service
offers garanteed priority handling of shipments. Equation freight are loaded aboard the first available flight out.

• Equation airport to door • Equation airport-to-airport • Equation Heavy

Glo Variation Service is the fastest, most reliable and most straight forward way of transporting valuable, outsize or unusual shipments.

• Variation big
• Variation DGR • Variation fashion
• Variation Vehicle • Variation Live  

Variation Big
Our solution for extremely large, heavy or atypical freight

Variation DGR
Our secure solution for shipping of certain dangerous commodities such as flammable, corrosive, toxic or radioactive substances are subject to strict IATA rules and regulations. our specialized and qualified Hazardous Material team handles such cargo.

Variation fashion
Our Solution for transporting on-hanger clothings designed primarily for the fashion industry

Variation Vehicle
Our air freight solution for transporting various types vehicles and parts.

Human Remains
Our well-planned, timely and respectfulservice for the transportation of human remains from airport to airport.Respect for the dead is considered by our trained staff in handling a smooth repatriation of the deceased.

Glo Cohesion Service is our customised logistic solution for companies with regular shipment needs.
A contractual agreement is entered for a certian duration during which, the shipping rate is fixed.

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